“The Road to Paradise” outline

Chapter 8: One More Score

DESPITE THE KNIGHTS DOMINATION of the Brickies so far, holding them without a first down through the first quarter, the game is tied. It’s now a 36-minute game with momentum on Hobart’s side. How would Castle respond? Would they lie down like the experts predicted and take their 13-1 season as a major step forward, or would they, like the tiring boxer, keep punching away, trying to knock the wind out of their much larger opponent?

They chose to fight back, marching down the field where they ultimately find themselves with a fourth-and-four at the Brickies’ 23-yard line. Facing a 40-yard field goal into the wind, Coach Lidy eschews the kick and keeps his offense on the field, calling the Reverse 47 Pass play. Why not? It had worked before on the game’s opening play. Maybe it would work again. The Knights would keep running the play until the Brickies found a way to stop it.Castle kicker Matt McDowell attempts a field goal against the Hobart Brickies

Davis takes the snap, offering two fake handoffs into the line before his pass finds Dave Brosmer at the five-yard line. As the senior running back waltzes into the end zone untouched for the touchdown, the Knights have answered the bell, the critics and themselves. They have responded. Second place won’t be good enough.

With seven-and-a-half minutes left in the first half, the Knights have a 14-7 lead in a game the entire Indiana football universe expects them to lose and lose big. The Knights have seized the momentum right back. Could they keep it?

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