Mar 24

600 Flea Flicker


Excerpt from Chapter 7: Perfection

Trailing for the first time all year, Lidy was getting anxious as the Knights had been unable to hold onto the ball, losing two fumbles and and an interception.

Deciding to shake things up a bit, Lidy sent in a play called “600 Flea Flicker.” While the team had been practicing the play all season, it wasn’t until the Memorial game that Lidy felt his players had its intricate timing and precision down.

The coach had been setting up the play all night, running specific pass patterns and formations to gauge how the Tigers might respond. They responded with over-pursuing man-to-man coverage, just what 600 Flea Flicker was designed for.Indiana high school football sports

Davis barked out the signals at the line of scrimmage as the Tiger defense set, unaware that Dave Brosmer was lined up at fullback instead of tailback. Davis took the snap and faked a handoff to Brosmer into the line as Chester ran a 10-yard curl pattern. Making his curl, Chester, with three defenders converging on him, turned just in time to see the ball hit his hands. In an instant, he flipped the ball to the trailing Brosmer who, having fought his way through the line, was now lost to the Memorial defenders.

After a particularly nasty hit by two Memorial defenders, Chester picked himself up off the turf and saw Brosmer race untouched into the end zone 60 yards down field. And just like that, the extra point kick gave the Knights a 7-6 halftime lead.

“That was the kind of play where everything — absolutely everything — had to work perfectly, be timed perfectly,” Lidy said.

The play’s flawless execution left the coaches and players realizing it was a play that could be good to them again in the future.