Artistic Expression

Excerpt from Chapter 7:Perfection!

Castle Knights defensive line coach Bob Rogers had grown up in Evansville, playing football and baseball for Bosse High School, where he would graduate from in 1969. The son of a custodian and a nurse’s aide, he went to the University of Evansville on a football scholarship to play defensive tackle. Without the scholarship, his blue-collar parents would never have been able to afford the tuition.

Graduating from UE in 1973 with a degree in art, Rogers didn’t set out to be a football coach. His passion was on the canvas. No, not the wrestling canvas, the kind that sits on an easel. His passion was art, and he wanted to teach it. Coaching football, he thought, would merely be icing on the cake. Indiana high school football sports

He taught for a year at Evansville’s Lincoln Elementary School mainly because of a lack of high school openings. That changed by the following spring when Castle Athletic Director Dave Austill called UE football coach Jim Byers. Austill’s request was simple: Castle needed a football coach, but the only teaching position available was for art. Did Byers know of any good defensive line coaches who could also teach art?

Rogers was the only candidate Austill could find who fit both criteria, and soon found himself meeting with Austill for an interview. It really wasn’t even much of an interview as Austill basically just showed him around the recently constructed new high school building. Austill offered Rogers the job on the spot and Rogers accepted.

“I agreed because there just wasn’t anybody else knocking on my door,” Rogers laughed. ” They needed a football coach, baseball coach and an art teacher. They found all three in me.”

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