Those are the moments …

David Brosmer, who was shuttling the play in, waited as Lidy and Sims talked over several possible calls. Brosmer glanced at the play sheet. What he saw jumped off the page.

“Coach, what about the flea flicker?”

“We’ve been thinking about it, but they’ll be keying on you and probably expecting it,” Sims responded.

“Coach, I can beat my man around the corner,” Brosmer said, knowing it would be a linebacker picking him up as he came through the line.

Sims looked at Lidy and after a moment’s hesitation, Lidy nodded his head. Sims nodded in agreement as well sending Brosmer racing to the huddle.

“Those are the moments you go to your grave thinking about,” Lidy said.

Pages 167-168

The Road to Paradise

How the 1982 Castle Knights Upset Indiana’s Football World

Congrats Coach Lidy!


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