The Ghosts of Wheaton — Dominating Defense

The Ghosts of Wheaton: How the 1992 'Red Grange' Tigers Conquered Illinois High School Football

Tiger defenders Steve St. Meyer (#4), Christian Olsen (#44) and David “Moose” Mickelsen (#92) stop a Lake Forest running back for a loss during the 1992 playoffs. During the 1992 regular season, the Tiger defense allowed only six offensive touchdowns and trailed only once – for three-and-a-half minutes – while outscoring opponents by an average of 30-6. “I’ve never been on a team that had that level of motivation,” team captain and starting fullback Phil Adler said. “We never worried about anything but the next play. We never thought in terms of winning or losing. We only thought about dominating the football game. We never had to worry about our guys not giving every ounce of effort.”

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