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Hi, I'm Thom Wilder. Welcome to my Web page. I was born in small-town Indiana and moved to the Chicago area following my graduation from Indiana University with a Major in journalism and a Minor in Latin American Studies. I worked his way up the Chicago journalism ladder, starting at a weekly newspaper and eventually writing for various Chicago daily publications. From 1995 to 2010, I worked for Washington, D.C.-based international news organization BNA as a Chicago-based writer and analyst. While my journalism focused mostly on the health care industry and government regulations regarding health care, I also wrote on many other various segments of industry and government, including but not limited to the environment, taxes, antitrust and labor. While at BNA, I received a Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago. Currently, I am currently writing a book titled "Road to Paradise." In my free time, I enjoy crossword puzzles, reading, hiking Europe and playing golf, a game I love but which doesn't always love me back.
Sep 04

The Rise to Prominence

Interesting piece on The Ghosts of Wheaton in Suburban Life newspapers this week. Check it out here.

The Ghosts of Wheaton

The championship ring of the 1992 Wheaton Warrenville South Tigers.

Aug 31

The story of football done right

Nice review of The Ghosts of Wheaton in the September issue of Glancer Magazine. Check it out here.

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Aug 18

Illinois High School Association Highlights The Ghosts of Wheaton

The Ghosts of Wheaton was Highlighted Aug. 18 by the Illinois High School Association. Read the interview here.



Aug 05

No. 77 in your program, No. 1 in your heart

The Ghosts of Wheaton: How the Red Grange Tigers Conquered Illinois High School Football

Harold “Red” Grange in classic form #GhostsofWheaton