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Hey, it’s me. Welcome to my corner of the world.

I was born in southern Indiana in a place called Huntingburg. I still occasionally have the opportunity to drive through the small city of 6,000, which embodies all the charm of small-town America, complete with a quaint downtown and a seemingly endless supply of driveway basketball hoops.To know where you are going, you must always know where you have been. And this is where it started for me.ThomRearCover1

I grew up in Chandler, a one-stoplight town of 3,000 nine miles north of the Kentucky border. After graduating from Castle High School, I received a journalism degree from Indiana University and a Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago.

For most of my career, I worked for a Washington, D.C.-based international news organization as a Chicago-based writer and analyst. While my journalism focused mostly on the health care industry and government regulations regarding health care, I also wrote on many other various segments of industry and government, including but not limited to the environment, taxes, antitrust and labor.

I’ve written three books that I’m very proud of: One More Trip: Jon Wayne’s Journey from Addiction to Redemption (2107), The Ghosts of Wheaton: How the ‘Red Grange’ Tigers Conquered Illinois High School Football ( 2015) and The Road to Paradise: How the 1982 Castle Knights Upset Indiana High School Football (2012).

In my free time (when’s that, right?) I enjoy crossword puzzles, photography, reading, hiking Europe and playing golf, a game I love dearly but which doesn’t always love me back with the same fervor.



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  1. I was in 8th grade when Castle won state. What I really remember most is how proud my dad was that so many of the guys on the team were scouts or former scouts in his boy scout troop. They were just good old all-American boy next door kind of guys and they truly earned and deserved the recognition they got. We were all so proud of them.

  2. I was in 8th grade in 1982 when the Knights won. I was fortunate to have a friend whose parents went to every game, so I was in the stands for each win. Those players seemed larger than life to me, as did the cheerleaders. I remember their names, and I remember the positions the guys played.

    I am now an English teacher, and Friday Night Lights has a prominent place in my classroom. After all, I teach in Mount Carmel, IL, which is a football town in its own right. I am excited to get to read this, and I hope with all hope, this novel can stand beside Friday Night Lights to add to the rich football narrative in my community.

  3. looking forward to getting my copy of the road to paradise .was one of the greatest times in my life weather i was watching the game at castle or listening to it on wbnl radio. it was so exciting yet so stressful to watch as castle went on to beat teams that were much bigger and stronger .just shows the sheer determination the 82 championship football team had to succeed.these boys could have easily given up and just simply said these guys are much bigger and better than we are .but no they had to prove they were champions and they did it the hard way.beating the best high school teams in indiana.

  4. I was on that Hobart team that lost to Castle that year. I went on to play at Northwestern University and have to say the Castle loss still hurts. I look forward, however, to reading your book.

  5. Thom, I ran across this on Pat Lockyear’s facebook page. I absolutely love The Road to Paradise as I am sure all Castle football fans do who have read it!! What a wonderful story to tell about a great bunch of guys. Thanks so much for writing it. Best of luck to you.

    Bobbie Hudson, Castle Social Studies Teacher (Fall, 1976 to the present)

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